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Registry Operation Status Codes


The following Status Codes apply to all operations:

Status CodeStatus TypeNote
0successIndicates that the API request succeeded.
1system errorShould be reported to EIDR support
2registry in read-only errorShould be reported to EIDR support unless this Registry is a mirror or is scheduled to be read-only.
3invalid requestAn API (URI) that does not exist including missing a required parameter. Remember that parameters (such as type=Simple) are case sensitive. Could also be POST data that is syntactically invalid such as missing required headers or if the end-of-line characters are not CR-LF.
4authentication errorInvalid credentials including an Inactive account.
5authorization errorThe operation requires credentials. Or the credentials provided are not authorized to perform this operation. Check with EIDR support about this operation.
6bad token errorThere is a problem with the token ID such as one that is not syntactically valid or does not exist.
7bad query errorThere is a problem with a content record query. This could include a typographical error in an EIDR field name.
8bad id errorThere is a problem with the content ID such as one that is not syntactically valid or does not exist.
9syntax errorInvalid XML in a query or write operation. Examples: an incorrect namespace declaration; an element not closed; or incorrect case for an enumerated value.
10result too longA result was too large to fit in a HTTP response. This can be caused by requesting too large a page size in queries.
11duplicate partyAn Administration API error
12duplicate userAn Administration API error
13bad partyThere is a problem with the Party ID such as it does not exist
14bad userThere is a problem with the User ID such as it is syntactically invalid or does not exist.
15all validAn Administration API error
16wrong groupAn Administration API error
17InvalidAn Administration API error
18no parentThe object of a GetParent request is itself the root of a content record tree.
19no childrenThe object of a GetChildren request is itself a leaf of a content record tree.
20has dependentsThe content record cannot be deleted because it has dependent relationships.
21duplicate serviceThe same Video Service already exists. (The Video Service registry does not have a full de-duplication system, so the registry reports any duplicates it finds directly.)
22bad serviceInvalid Video Service ID.
23compatibility errorThe operation cannot be supported with the requested value in the EIDR-Version header.

When the Request is a content Operation, the Response also includes an Operation Status code as described in the Operation Tokens section. The “validation error” usually includes a Details field. Examples of Details text include:

Details TextNote
ID must be an identifier of a valid recordAn operation was attempted on an invalid ID. For example to Modify an aliased record or deleting a record that is already deleted.
Must be a <Type> objectAttempt to modify an object with an incompatible data type. See the Modifying Records section.

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Updated on April 9, 2021

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