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REST API – User Tokens


Each registry transaction is assigned a unique 19-digit Token as a transaction ID. In addition, users can associate their own custom Tokens with a transaction. This can be useful later when checking on a transaction’s status.

  • If you use the system-generated Token, then you must capture it when it is returned in the initial registry response and associate it with the submitted transaction so the final result is linked to the initial transaction.
  • If you use user-generated Tokens, then you already know which token is associated with which transaction and can simply check the status with the pre-defined user Token.

User Tokens can be any valid XML string (no whitespace or reserved characters) that is NOT 19-characters long, so long as it is unique with the scope of the Party submitting the request. It is set by including a userToken attribute in either the Request or Operation element in the submitted transactions. It can then be referenced in a subsequent Status call via:

https://<host>.eidr.org/EIDR/status/user/<user ID>

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Updated on April 9, 2021

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