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Series are Collection records and follow the same rules as Abstraction records (see “Data Requirements for Abstraction Records”) except as noted below.

Element NameMaximum CardinalityData Requirements
Mode1“AudioVisual” (Silent series are “Visual”)
ResourceName1The Series’ original release title in mixed case without trailing articles.
[email protected]1A valid BCP 47 written language code. Use “und” if not known.
[email protected]1Skip if not known. If present, most often “release”, “regional”, or “AKA”. Other values are possible.
OriginalLanguage32A valid BCP 47 spoken language code. Use “und” if not known. (For a series of silent works, use Visual language codes.)
[email protected]1“Audio” (Silent Series are “Visual”)
[email protected]1Usually skipped. Include if there are languages that require clarifications.
ReleaseDate1Preferably the full date (yyyy-mm-dd) of the original commercial release of the first Episode. A 4-digit year (yyyy) is also valid.
CountryOfOrigin322-character ISO 3166-1 country code or 4-character ISO 3166-3 former country code (DOI obsolete country code). Use “XX” if not known.
Status1“valid” (in most cases)
ApproximateLength1If the Episodes have a consistent length, provide this in hours and minutes (or just minutes). Do not include seconds. Use “0” if the Episode lengths are inconsistent or not known.
Administrators/Registrant1The EIDR Party ID of the entity that created the record.
Conditionally Required[1]
AssociatedOrg16A company associated with the abstract title, preferably a list of the producers or else the original commissioning broadcaster.
AssociatedOrg/DisplayName1Required only if an organizationID is not provided.
[email protected]1“EIDRPartyID” Required only if an Organization ID is provided.
[email protected]1The EIDR Party ID of the Associated Org (if any). Required only if a DisplayName is not provided.
[email protected]1Most often “producer”.
Credits/Director/DisplayName2The name of the director in natural name order (not “last, first”). Only include if a single director (or directing team) is responsible for the vast majority of the Episodes.
Credits/Actor/DisplayName4The names(s) of the top billed actors (s) in natural name order (not “last, first”). Only include actors who appear in the vast majority of the Episodes.
Optional, But Recommended (if applicable)
AlternateResourceName128Additional names by which the Series is also known. Include as many as possible.
[email protected]1Same as for Resource Name.
[email protected]1Same as for Resource Name.
AlternateIDIDs associated with the Series other than the EIDR ID (IMDb, ISAN, house IDs, etc.). Include as many as possible.
[email protected]1Common IDs have their own type (“IMDB” for IMDb IDs, etc.). Others use the type “Proprietary” with an identifying domain.
[email protected]1Identifies the organization that issued the Alternate ID. Required when type is “Proprietary”.
[email protected]1“IsSameAs” (in most cases) If not present, “IsSameAs” is assumed. The relation value describes how the EIDR ID relates to the Alternate ID. For example, “ContainsAllOf” would indicate that the EIDR Series record includes all of the material identified by the Alternate ID.
SeriesInfo/EndDate1Preferably the full date (yyyy-mm-dd) of the original commercial release of the final Episode. A 4-digit year (yyyy) is also valid. Include only if the Series has ended its run.
SeriesInfo/SeriesClass1Use “Mini-series” if the series was originally presented as a mini-series or “Anthology” if the series is primarily composed of episodes that stand on their own.
SeriesInfo/NumberRequired1“true” if child records must be identified by a unique number.
SeriesInfo/OriginalTitleRequired1“true” if child records must have user-supplied titles.


ApproximateLength can be 0. (Used when the child Episode records do not have a consistent duration.) Otherwise, a non-0 duration in the Series can be inherited by the child records.

Series records have NumberRequired, DateRequired, and OriginalTitleRequired Boolean elements (they can be “true” or “false”). If the element is missing, it is assumed to be false. These control the required fields in the direct child records. For example, if a Series has NumberRequired = “true”, then its Seasons must all have SequenceNumbers.

At least one of the Series-specific values must be present: EndDate, SeriesClass, NumberRequired, DateRequired, or OriginalTitleRequired.

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[1] See Conditionally Required notes under Abstract Titles, above.

Updated on April 6, 2021

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