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Episodes are Abstraction records (see “Data Requirements for Abstraction Records”) that can (and generally do) inherit many BaseObjectData elements from their parent Series or Season.

Element NameMaximum CardinalityData Requirements
ReferentType1“TV”, “Short”, “Supplemental”, or “Web” (rarely “Movie”)
ReleaseDate1Preferably the full date (yyyy-mm-dd) of the original commercial release of the Episode. A 4-digit year (yyyy) is also valid unless the parent has DateRequired = “true”.
Status1“valid” (in most cases)
Administrators/Registrant1The EIDR Party ID of the entity that created the record.
EpisodeInfo/Parent1Series or Season EIDR ID
Conditionally Required
ResourceName1Required if the Episode does not have a Distribution Number or full ReleaseDate (yyyy-mm-dd) or if the parent has OriginalTitleRequired = “true”
[email protected]1Same as for Series.
[email protected]1Same as for Series.
ApproximateLength1May be skipped if the parent has a non-zero Approximate Length. Provide this in hours and minutes (or just minutes). Do not include seconds unless it is a significant differentiator.
EpisodeInfo/SequenceInfo/DistributionNumber1Required if the Episode does not have a user-provided name or full ReleaseDate (yyyy-mm-dd) or if the parent has NumberRequired = “true”
EpisodeInfo/SequenceInfo/[email protected]1Optionally identifies the organization that provided the Distribution Number.
Optional, But Recommended
AlternateResourceName[1]128Additional names by which the Episode is also known. Include as many as possible.
[email protected]1Same as for Resource Name.
[email protected]1Same as for Resource Name.
Credits/Director/DisplayName2The name of the director in natural name order (not “last, first”).
Credits/Actor/DisplayName4Top 4 billed actors in natural name order (not “last, first”) when they are unique per episode, as with an Anthology Series.
AlternateIDSame as for Series.
[email protected]1Same as for Series.
[email protected]1Same as for Series.
[email protected]1Same as for Series.


Episode records can inherit their Mode, ApproximateLength (if non-zero), and Participant Data (Associated Org, Director, and Actor) from their parent Series or Season.

An Episode is only given a ResourceName when it has a unique, descriptive name.[2] If the Episode is identified only by number or release date, do not provide a ResourceName. The Registry will generate a standardized name based on the Episode metadata.

If an Episode has both a name and a number, you may provide one or the other, subject to the data requirements of the Parent record.[3] However, it is strongly recommended that you provide both name and number as an aid to de-duplication and future discovery.

See Also

[1] If the Episode has a system-generated ResourceName, the Registrant can still provide AlternateResourceNames to capture Episode nicknames, territory- or language-specific names, or “non-official” Episode names.

[2] If the parent Series or Season has OriginalTitleRequired = “true”, then the Episode must have a Registrant-provided ResourceName.

[3] Series and Season records may have NumberRequired, DateRequired, and OriginalTitleRequired Boolean elements that control the associated data requirements in Episode records.

Updated on April 6, 2021

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