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Edits represent a particular version of a work and are registered as child records of Abstractions or other Edits. Edits are not valid for Collection records (Series, Season, or Compilation). For more detailed instructions, see Best Practices and Use Cases for EIDR Edits.

Element NameMaximum CardinalityData Requirements
ReleaseDate1Preferably the full date (yyyy-mm-dd) of the original commercial release of the Edit. A 4-digit year (yyyy) is also valid. (If not known, use the Release Date of the parent.)
Status1“valid” (in most cases)
ApproximateLength1Provide this in hours and minutes (or just minutes). Including seconds is optional.
Administrators/Registrant1The EIDR Party ID of the entity that created the record.
EditInfo/Parent1An EIDR Abstraction (root record or Episode) or Edit ID.
EditInfo/EditUse1Used to identify the primary distribution channel for which the Edit was originally created.
EditInfo/ColorType1“color”, “bandw”, “colorized”, or “composite”
EditInfo/ThreeD1“true” for a 3D version.
Optional, But Recommended
ResourceName1When the Edit has a distinguishing name, such as “[Title of Film] Director’s Cut.” Otherwise, skip.
[email protected]1A valid BCP 47 written language code. Use “und” if not known.
[email protected]1Skip if not known. Most often “release”, “regional”, or “AKA”. Other values are possible.
AlternateIDIDs associated with the Edit other than the EIDR ID (V-ISAN, house IDs, etc.). Include as many as possible.
[email protected]1Same as for Abstraction.
[email protected]1Same as for Abstractions.
[email protected]1Same as for Abstractions.
Administrators/MetadataAuthority4Same as for Abstractions.
Description1A human-readable, free-text description of the unique characteristics of this Edit. Not used in de-duplication.
[email protected]1A valid BCP 47 written language code.
EditInfo/EditClass8Used to identify the key characteristics that differentiate this Edit.
EditInfo/MadeForRegion82-character ISO 3166-1 country code, 4-character ISO 3166-3 former country code (DOI obsolete country code), 3-digit UN M.49 region code, “International”, or “Domestic” indicating the territory(ies) for which the Edit was originally made.

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Updated on April 6, 2021

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