Party Record APIs

A party is an organization uniquely identified within the EIDR registry and assigned an EIDR Party ID, such as record Registrants, Associated Orgs, and Metadata Authorities.


With the Java and .NET SDKs, to make a resolve request, instantiate an org.eidr.sdk.api.Resolution object and call one of the resolve methods:

  • KernelMetadataResponse resolveDOIKernel(EIDRConnection eidrConn, String assetID, boolean followAlias)
  • FullObjectInfoResponse resolveFull(EIDRConnection eidrConn, String assetID, boolean followAlias)
  • ProvenanceInfoResponse resolveProvenance(EIDRConnection eidrConn, String assetID, boolean followAlias)
  • AllSelfDefinedInfoResponse resolveSelfDefined(EIDRConnection eidrConn, String assetID, boolean followAlias)
  • SimpleInfoResponse resolveSimple(EIDRConnection eidrConn, String assetID, boolean followAlias)

The call for making a party resolve request is in and is as follows:

PartyResolutionResponseType partyResolve(EIDRConnection eidrConn, PartyResolutionTypeEnum type, String partySuffix)

The return type will vary with the member function called. For partyResolve, this is the metadata for the party; the format of the result is dependent on the type parameter.

DOIKernelDOI kernel metadata for a Party
Fulleidr:partyResolutionType; see the schema. The PartyAccountName field will match the suffix of the DOI

Errors: Standard errors plus BadParty

Party Query

With the Java and .NET SDKs, to make a party query request, instantiate an object and call one of the following methods:

The call for making a party query request is as follows:

PartyQueryResponse findPartiesByName(EIDRConnection eidrConn, PartyQueryType request, boolean bFull)

PartyQueryResponse contains the following member functions in its PartyResponseQueryType::

  • getTotalMatches  (Total number of available results.)
  • getCurrentSize (Returns the currentSize property.)
  • getContinuationToken (Returned by implementations that internally cache query results. It should be passed in as the token argument on subsequent calls as an accelerator.)
  • A list of results will be returned by getParty() and getParty() that fulfills the query request.

Errors: standard errors plus ResultTooLong.

Internally, the Registry keeps a list of Parties sorted by SortName (or DisplayName if SortName is not present). Sections of this sorted list are returned using the FindPartiesFromCatalog call.

Updated on April 11, 2021

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