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How to Contact EIDR for Support

The EIDR Help Desk

You can contact the EIDR Operations team by email ([email protected]) and telephone (+1 (877) 375-1203) or you can open a support ticket directly at support.eidr.org.

The EIDR Help Desk is staffed during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm Eastern, excluding EIDR holidays.

The EIDR Help Desk fields requests for operational support, technical support, and manual review (de-dupe Token) processing, either handling the issue directly or forwarding it to the responsible EIDR staff.

After hours support and other special services (including support in languages other than English) may be available upon request.

EIDR Knowledge Base

All of EIDR’s operational and technical documentation is published via the EIDR Knowledge Base. You can browse through the document repository or search via keyword and free text. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact our Help Desk for assistance.

Retail Registration Agencies

The EIDR registry is, and always has been read-for-free. You can resolve EIDR IDs via tje DOI (Digital Object Identifier) public resolution service or using EIDR’s own Web UI, where you can also perform a full metadata search. In all cases, you get back the full descriptive metadata record. No other audiovisual identifier offers this.

Writing to the EIDR registry (create or modify records), access to the EIDR APIs and SDKs, and permission to retain a full copy of the EIDR registry is limited to EIDR members. You can join EIDR directly, and take advantage of all EIDR services without additional cost, or you can take advantage of the services provided by an EIDR retail registration agency.

The EIDR retail registration agencies provide EIDR ID registration and other EIDR-related services for a nominal fee. If you use a retail registration agency for your EIDR ID registrations, then you will also need to contact them for support, since EIDR cannot help with their independently-operated services. 

Updated on March 7, 2021

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