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Best Practices

Best Practices and Use Cases for Abstraction Records
Best Practices and Use Cases for Episodic Records
Best Practices and Use Cases for Edit Records
Best Practice – Digital Packages
Best Practice – Documentaries and Actualities
Best Practice – Episodic Distribution Bundles
Best Practice – Ratings Registrations
Best Practices and Use Cases for Supplemental Records
Best Practices and Use Cases for Adaptive Streaming
Best Practices and Use Cases for Video Service IDs
Technical Note – Using EIDR in IMF
Technical Note – Using EIDR for Version Management and Distribution
Technical Note – Required Data Fields for Abstractions, Episodics, and Edits
Technical Note – Finding All Alternate IDs of a Particular Type
Technical Note – Alternate IDs Resolution and Queries
Technical Note – Managing Aliases
Technical Note – Using EIDR Language Codes
Technical Note – Using EIDR Region Codes
Technical Note – EIDR Broadcast Workflows
Technical Note – EIDR Nomenclature

Technical Documentation

EIDR Documentation Guide

Overview, User and Data Model Documentation

Introduction to the EIDR Data Model
Registry Technical Overview
Data Fields Reference

Developer Documentation

Registry Version Compatibility
Programmers Guide
REST API Reference
EIDR 2.6 API Proxy
EIDR Alternate ID URI Patterns
EIDR Schemas

Standards and Interoperability

EIDR Standards SupportApplication AreaDocumentation link(s)
ATSC 3.0Hybrid Broadcast / IP ArchitectureSystem Discovery and Signaling
Audio Watermarking Emission
CableLabs MetadataOn Demand MVPD Content DeliveryAsset Management I/F 3.0
Content 3.0
DPP U.K.Broadcast IntegrationEIDR in DPP File Delivery
DVBSecond Screen applicationsDVB A167-2
EBUCoreDescriptive and Technical Metadata for Media Resources and DistributionEBUCore
EIDR Mapping to EBUCore
EMA AvailsContent Availability to Online RetailersContent Availability Metadata
EN15744Metadata Set for Cinematographic Works at the Work LevelEN15744
EIDR Mapping to EN15744
EN15907Metadata Set for Cinematographic WorksEN15907
EIDR Mapping to EN15907
IETFEIDR URN Namespace DefinitionRFC 7972
IMF (Interoperable Master Format)Mezzanine File PackagingUsing EIDR with IMF
ISO/DOIReference for EIDR in DOISMPTE RP 2079:2013
MARCLibrary of Congress Record LocatorStandard Identifier Source Codes
MovieLabs Common MetadataDistribution MetadataCommon Metadata
MPEG-DASHVideo Streaming Ad InsertionDASH-IF Implementers Guide
SMPTE BXFCarriage of EIDR in BXF FilesSMPTE RP 2021-5:2013
SMPTE MXF (AMWA)Carriage of EIDR in MXF Media ContainersSMPTE RP 2089:2014

Interoperability Documentation

EIDR Registrations From Other Systems (Draft)
EIDR DOI Mapping Table
EIDR Resolution Proxies
EIDR URN Namespace Definition

Standards Based Work Flows

EIDR in Streamlining File-Based Workflows Presentation
EIDR Broadcast Workflows Technical Note

EIDR and ISAN Interoperability

Instructions for EIDR/ISAN Dual Registration
Technical Note – ISAN Registrations from EIDR Data

Updated on March 7, 2021

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