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A Manifestation describes a particular distributable instantiation of a work. For example, the Manifestation object type represents asset files in EIDR (such as the H.264 version of an asset). The encoding information is not intended to be a complete description of an encoded object; it needs to be sufficient for disambiguation at registration time and useful for managing the objects in the post-production and distribution workflow.

Of the Base Metadata, the Structural Type must always be specified for Manifestations.

The Extra Object Metadata when creating a Manifestation can have two general levels of detail:

  • Generic Manifestation – A simple format that describes the file at a high level and includes only the ManifestationClass. Any Version Languages can be specified in the Base Object Data along with particular Manifestation descriptive details in the Description field.
  • Technical Manifestation – A more complete format that contains detailed information about its containers, tracks, and cards. Any Version Languages specified in the Manifestation Info will be automatically summarized in the Base Object Data, replacing any Version Languages that may be there.

An Encoding Agent can be provided for individual components of a Manifestation. For example, it can be used if the encoding of individual components has been subcontracted out from the eventual Registrant or Associated Organization. The primary entity responsible for producing the Manifestation would be recorded as an Associated Org in the Base Metadata with an “encoder” role attribute.

The Extra Object Metadata for a Manifestation is contained within ManifestationInfo:

Field NameTypeCardinalityExplanatory Notes
ParentEIDR Content ID: e.g., 10.5240/7715-953F-1CCF-3501-D6CA-H   <xs:element name=”Parent” type=”eidr:assetDOIType”/>1 RequiredThe EIDR Content ID of the parent Edit, Clip, Compilation, or Manifestation.
ManifestationClassEnumeration: Version Language, VOD, EST, Game Machine, Mobile, Web, Master, Mezzanine, Proxy, Screener, DVD, Blu-ray, HD, SD, UHD, Adaptation Set, Broadcast Package, CMP, CPL, IMF, Presentation, Representation, Other   <xs:element maxOccurs=”8″ name=”ManifestationClass” type=”eidr:manifestationClassType”/>1-8 RequiredThe general type of Manifestation.   See “<ExtraObjectMetadata>   <ManifestationInfo>     <Parent>10.5240/8CE9-63F0-4746-2DD4-9070-F</Parent>     <ManifestationClass>DVD</ManifestationClass>   </ManifestationInfo> </ExtraObjectMetadata> ManifestationClass Details” below.
MadeForRegionEnumeration: ISO 3166-1 alpha-2, two-character country code, DOI four-character obsolete country code, UN M49 region code, plus “Domestic” and “International”: e.g., CA   <xs:element maxOccurs=”8″ minOccurs=”0″ name=”MadeForRegion” type=”eidr:madeForRegionType”/>0-8 OptionalThe distribution territory(ies) for which the Manifestation was originally made. (This does not imply anything about where the Manifestation is actually distributed.)   NOTE: Domestic and International are interpreted in relation to the Manifestation’s Country of Origin in the Base Object Data.   See Using EIDR Region Codes.
ManifestationDetailsUnicode 128 character string: e.g., AVOD version   <xs:element maxOccurs=”8″ minOccurs=”0″ name=”ManifestationDetails” type=”eidr:usageDetailsType”/>0-8 OptionalA terse, keyword-type summation of factors that differentiate this Edit from other, similar Edits.
 @domainA text string with no whitespace characters, following the general pattern of a dot-separated list of sub-domains ending in a top-level domain followed by an optional slash-separated list of ID types: e.g.: <xs:attribute name=”domain” type=”eidr:constrainedURIType” use=”required”/>1 RequiredIdentifies the organization that added the Manifestation Details to the record. NOTE: A single Manifestation record can have Manifestation Details provided by more than one organization or multiple Manifestation Details provided by the same organization, so long as the Domains are unique.

Here is sample XML for the Extra Object Metadata for a generic Manifestation (the preceding Base Object Data is not shown):


ManifestationClass Details

ValueExplanatory Notes
Version LanguageThe Manifestation changes the language of the version.
VODVideo on Demand
ESTElectronic Sell-Through
Game MachineGame machine platforms
MobileMobile platforms
WebWeb distribution
MasterA master file
MezzanineA mezzanine file
ProxyLow-resolution version for editing, Web preview, etc.
ScreenerAn advance copy of a film
Adaptation SetA collection of video, audio, or timed text Representations included as part of an offer.
Broadcast PackageA bundle of content presented in a contiguous broadcast programming block.
CMPCommon Media Package
CPLComposition Playlist
IMFInteroperable Master Format
PresentationThe collection of Adaptation Sets that represent a complete offer.
RepresentationA digital file that contains a complete video, audio, or timed text stream, generally at a specific bitstream bandwidth.
OtherIf unable to categorize otherwise
Updated on April 11, 2021

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