Constructing an Edit Record

When searching for or registering an Edit (creative version), start by determining the parent Abstraction record (or parent Edit record, if registering a derived version of an Edit).

Each Edit record begins with the standard BaseObjectData also found in Abstractions. Since Edits are always child records, they can inherit most of their data values. New BaseObjectData values should only be provided when they differ from the parent. None of the additional descriptive information in the ExtraObjectMetadata section can be inherited.

  • ApproximateLength: This should be the duration of the content portion of the Edit, excluding any leader or padding that may be included in a particular encoding or packaging of the Edit.
  • Associated Org: Unlike Title records, the Distributor of an Edit may well be a distinguishing characteristic. The organization that commissioned or created the Edit may also be included with an Editor role.
  • The Credits (Director and Actor) of an Edit rarely differs from the parent and are usually inherited.

Edit ExtraObjectMetadata has eight different data elements and attributes, all of which are descriptive. Please be aware of these special condutions:

  • MadeForRegion: The values “Domestic” and “International” are interpreted in relation to the Title record’s Country(ies) of Origin.
  • EditDetails: Unlike the Description field in BaseObjectData, which is informative (not referenced during automated de-duplication), EditDetails is referenced by automated de-duplication and should be used to distinguish different Edits that would otherwise appear the same based on their other data values.
Updated on March 9, 2021

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