Names of Companies

Identify Associated Orgs using an EIDR Party ID whenever possible. If a Party ID is used, do not also provide its name.[1] If a Party ID is not available, then include one or more names by which the company is known.

  • Associated Org Name: The company’s most common or official name.
  • Associated Org Alternate Name: The additional names by which the company is also known, including abbreviations, nicknames, etc.
  • Role: All Associated Orgs have a required Role field. This is the function the company played with respect to the work, such as producer, distributor, etc. The same Associated Org can be listed more than once in a record so long as the Role is different each time, such as when a company is both the producer and the distributor. See “Associated Org Roles” below for guidelines on selecting which Roles to include in each record.

When entering a company name, follow these rules:

  • Every name must be unique within the Associated Org entry. Do not repeat the Associated Org Name in the list of Associated Org Alternate Names.
  • The order of the names does not affect discovery or de-duplication, but as a convenience to other users, if the Associated Org Name is not in English or is presented in a non-Latin-1 alphabet, include an English or Latin-1 title as the first Associated Org Alternate Name.
  • Used mixed case (often called, “title case”).
  • Do not present names in all caps unless the name is an initialism (such as MGM).
  • Do not use trailing articles (“…, The” or “…, Les”).
  • If companies collaborated on a project, list each as a separate Associated Org unless it represents a formal joint venture.
  • The Registry will perform whitespace normalization. See the note for “Titles and Alternate Titles” above.

[1] When a Party ID is provided, the Registry replaces any names provided with names from the official Party record. If you need to change or add names in the Party record, contact EIDR Operations.

Updated on April 9, 2021

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