SDK Command-Line Tools

Introduction and Purpose

With the Java and .NET SDKs, you can create applications that make use of Registry services and perform Registry operations. The SDKs come with numerous command-line tools that are useful to non-programmers for ad hoc actions or shell-scripted automations and also serve as programming examples for SDK usage, since they all come with full source code and documentation. With the command-line tools you can:

  • Resolve EIDR IDs
  • Examine object hierarchies
  • Make queries about Content Records, Parties, and Video Service Providers
  • Create and modify objects
  • Manage relationships between objects
  • Promote objects[1]
  • Delete objects
  • Alias objects

Detailed instructions and examples for using the command-line tools are available in Command-Line Tools Overview, included in the Doc directory of the SDK installation package.

Available Command-Line Tools

  • AddLWTool.exe
  • AdminACLTool.exe
  • AliasTool.exe
  • AltIDtoEIDR.exe
  • AltIDTool.exe
  • DeleteTool.exe
  • FlattenRedefineTool.exe
  • FlattenTool.exe
  • GetModBaseTool.exe
  • GraphTool.exe
  • PartiesFromNames.exe
  • PartyTool.exe
  • ProcessStrongMatches.exe
  • PromoteTool.exe
  • QueryTool.exe
  • RegisterTool.exe
  • RemoveRelTool.exe
  • ResolveMatches.exe
  • ResolveTool.exe
  • ServiceAliasTool.exe
  • ServiceChildrenTool.exe
  • ServiceCreateTool.exe
  • ServiceDeleteTool.exe
  • ServiceModifyTool.exe
  • ServiceParentTool.exe
  • ServiceResolveTool.exe
  • ServiceTool.exe
  • StatusTool.exe

For more information, see Command-Line Tools Overview.

[1] Only applies to “in development” content records.

Updated on April 11, 2021

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